Jointly presented by Human Rights Film Focus Nepal and The Sky Movies

From November 25 till December 10, 2013, Human Rights Film Focus Nepal (HRFFN) successfully organised its third annual festival. This year, the focus of the Festival was on women and girls’ issues. Hence the festival's name, which comes from the saying that women hold up half the sky. The Festival was expanded to sixteen days, to coincide with the United Nations’ Campaign to stop violence against women, with weekend venues in Kathmandu and Patan, and weekday community screenings taking place at the British Council and other venues.

Films screened during the festival included Because our cause is just, Invoking Justice, Saving Face, and Taking Root: the Vision of Wangari Maathai.

With its commitment to human rights education and youth audiences, HRFFN has developed a project component of the festival called The Wall of Hope: Hands Off Women and Girls Campaign. A combination of education, art, advocacy and other creative expressions, the Wall of Hope Campaign will involve several hundred schools in Nepal.

Violence against women is a global issue. The UN estimates that one in three women will be physically assaulted or raped in their lifetime – this should serve as a wake up call for education, reflection and action. HRFFN believes the Wall of Hope Campaign will help educational institutions and communities to develop educational, preventive and advocacy programs to stop gender violence and address other gender inequalities.

Partners of the Nepal Wall of Hope Campaign include Women Lead Nepal and ACCESS. Sneha Shrestha, a gifted artist, will be coordinating the community Wall of Hope Project. Currently, I/NGOs and organizations in Kathmandu are considering participation.