Human Rights Film Focus Nepal is coordinating a grass-roots campaign that will impact thousands of young people in Nepal, and hopefully in other parts of the world. The campaign is called A Wall of Hope: Hands Off Women and Girls, and started in November 2013, coinciding with the United Nations annual Sixteen Days To Stop Violence Against Women. HRFFN has partnered with various organisations in bringing the campaign not only to the Kathmandu valley, but all over Nepal.


What is the Wall of Hope Campaign?

The Wall of Hope Campaign provides a platform for education, artistic expression, and advocacy, while creating activities that are fun, engaging, and provocative. Designed for students, ages 13-24 years old, the Campaign is a call for action, and a challenge for young people to commit themselves to learning more, and to doing more to stop violence against girls and women.

The Wall of Hope initiative began in Nepal in 2014. HRFFN teams led students, grades 7 to graduate school, in activities that featured films, games, interactions, and the eventual creation of a Wall of Hope. School administrators were encouraged to organize follow up activities relating to gender and VAW issues. Since the start of the Campaign in November 2013, over 300 Walls of Hope have been created in Nepal.

As the Campaign expands globally, it still retains two basic and unifying elements:

  1. Educate young people: Organize a film screening, a speaker, a forum at your school or in your community.
  2. Create a Wall of Hope: Somewhere on or off the school campus, a Wall of Hope is created, using hard walls, soft walls, banners, cloth, or other materials.

Other activities are strongly encouraged, including using your initial Wall of Hope project to form an ongoing group that will continue to address VAW issues.


Visit the global Wall of Hope Campaign website and our Facebook page for more information.